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We maintain 9 trails:  Hot Springs Trail, Kimbol Lake Trail, Cedar Grove Trail, Peter Roulston Trail, Box Lake Trail, Saddle Mountain Trail, Kuskanax Mountain Trail, Vicky’s View,  Nakusp & Slocan Rail Trail.


Hot Springs Trail

Easy-moderate hiking / 8.5km (one way) / 3 hrs (one way) / Compact dirt, some rock / Hiking, mountain biking, horseback, snowshoes

This all-season trail provides great spring, summer and fall hiking, biking and horseback riding and some winter snowshoeing. The trail meanders along the side slope above the Kuskanax Creek from just outside Nakusp up the valley to the Nakusp Hotsprings, following the pioneers’ original packhorse route of 1912.

Several hikers hiking up a wooded trail.
Hike to Kimbol Lake

Kimbol Lake Trail

Easy-moderate hiking / 4km (one way) / 5 hrs return / Compact dirt / Hiking only

The Kimbol Lake Trail provides a great low elevation hike in spring, summer or fall. The 4 kilometre trail winds through imposing cedar and hemlock forests along the southern slope of the Kuskanax Creek valley, and then climbs into the narrower Kimbol Lake valley.


Cedar Grove Trail

Easy hiking / 0.5km / 30 mins / Compact dirt / Hiking only

Cedar Grove Trail is a gentle half kilometre loop through a stand of majestic old growth Western Red Cedar trees. Hikers of all abilities can access superb interior rainforest habitat, untarnished by natural or industrial disturbances.

Box Lake Trail

Easy hiking / 1.3km / 30 mins / Compact dirt / Biking, hiking

Box Lake Loop provides a gentle walk through a second growth cedar/hemlock forest typical of most valleys in this area.

Three people sitting on top of Saddle Mountain, waving.
Atop Saddle Mountain

Saddle Mountain Trail

Moderate hiking / 5.3km (one way) / 5 hrs return / Dirt, rock / Hiking only

The trail ascends Saddle Mountain to a rocky knob above the tree line. The knob was chosen as a Forest Service fire lookout because of the panoramic view of the surrounding peaks and valleys.  A fantastic alpine hike.

Kuskanax Mountain Trail

Note: Take drinking water with you on these hikes as there is no water available in these areas.
Choose one of these two summit hikes to enjoy spectacular 360 views of the Goat Range Provincial Park (Selkirk Mountains) to the east, the Valhalla Range to the south, the Monashee Range to the west and the snow-covered twin peaks of Mount Grady and Mount Burnham to the north:

Route 1: Turner Road Trailhead to the Summit
• Elevation gain: 357m
• Moderate hike, 2.4 km – one way
• Hiking time: Approx. 3 hours return
This trail takes a modest climb through Engleman spruce and lush underbrush of rhododendron and ferns. After crossing a boulder slope you will continue on through an alpine meadow – please remain on the cairn-marked trail to protect this delicate meadow. From here, a short climb will take you to the summit at 2143m.

Access: From the 4-way stoplight in downtown Nakusp, drive north on Hwy 23 for 11.5 km. Turn right onto Turner Road (gravel). Follow the wooden “TRAIL” signs for 15 km (50 minutes) to the end of the road. In a large clear-cut at the end of the road you will find the signed parking area/trailhead. Note: A 4 WD or high clearance all-wheel drive vehicle is necessary on Turner Road.

Route 2: Kuskanax Mountain Road Trailhead to the Summit
• Elevation gain: 930m
• Challenging hike, 4.4 km – one way
• Hiking time: Approx. 5-6 hours return
This route takes you on a well-built, steep trail with numerous switchbacks and stunning views. The terrain is a mixture of sand, brush and craggy rock cliffs. After passing through a sub-alpine ridge with stunted spruce, followed by a gully, you will reach the summit at 2143m. *When hiking on the ridge and above, stay alert and follow the cairns and/or flagging tape to keep on the trail.*

Access: From the 4-way stoplight in downtown Nakusp, drive north on Hwy 23 for 2.5 km. Turn right onto the Hot Springs Road. Drive 3.6 km up the Hot Springs Road. Turn left onto the Kuskanax Mountain Road (gravel). Drive for 4.2 km to the signed parking area/trailhead. Watch closely for the trail signs – just above the parking area, the trail takes a sharp left off of the old road. Note: A 4 WD or high clearance all-wheel drive vehicle is necessary on Kuskanax Mountain Road.

Loop Route:
The Kuskanax Mountain Trail can be made into a loop route by leaving a vehicle at one trailhead and starting your hike at the other trailhead.
• Challenging hike, 6.8 km
• Hiking time: 5-7 hours, one trailhead to the other

Follow safe hiking practices and be sure to tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return. Take drinking water.

Vicky’s View

Vicky’s View is an accessible and spectacular viewpoint close to town. You can reach Vicky’s View via the Kuskanax Mountain Road. A short walk through the forest takes you to awesome views of Upper Arrow Lake, the village of Nakusp, the Valhalla Range to the south and the Monashee Range to the west.

How to get to Vicky’s View:
From the 4-way stoplight in downtown Nakusp, drive north on Hwy 23 for 2.5 km. Turn right on to the Hot Springs Road. Drive 3.6 km up the Hot Springs Road. Turn left onto the Kuskanax Mountain Road (gravel). Then, drive (or hike) 1.5 km up the Kuskanax Mountain Road and you will find Vicky’s View on your left. Note: A high clearance all-wheel drive vehicle is recommended for Kuskanax Mountain Road.
If you drive up to Vicky’s View, please park in the nearby pullout so that other vehicles can pass by.

Kuskanax Mountain Trail map

Important Information:
This is Bear Country!! Be smart and avoid disturbing the Bears. Go to for information.
Cougar are also active in our region. Go to wildsafebc .com for information.
Carry lots of drinking water, there is no access to water on these routes.
No motorized vehicles on the hiking trails. The access roads would be great for ATV’s.

Nakusp & Slocan Rail Trail (Nakusp to Summit Lake hill)

The Nakusp & Area Community Trails Society maintains only the section of the old rail bed from the village of Nakusp’s municipal boundary, to Summit Lake hill.  The map and description for this section is in progress.  Refer to the Nakusp to Rosebery Railway map and description below for now.

Easy hiking / 46km (to Rosebery, one way) / hiking time TBC / Gravel railbed / Hiking, biking, dirtbike, horseback, cross-country ski

The old Nakusp and Slocan rail way bed is being developed into a continuous rail trail from Nakusp to Rosebery by various groups. The railway trail is ideal for cycling, cross-country skiing, jogging, or simply walking in surroundings both stunning and soothing.

Peter Roulston Trail

This trail is used mostly for cross country skiing and snow shoeing, although it is also a nice easy summer hike.  There are 2 primary trail heads, one from the Hot Springs Road – approx 6.5 km from Hwy 23, and one 1,5 km up the Kuskanax forest Service Road.  More information and a map will be posted soon.

Wensley Creek / Jackrabbit Trails

NACTS does not manage these 2 trails but they are part of our local trail system

Scrn_Resoln_Jackrabbit Trail brochure side1
Scrn_Resoln_Jackrabbit Trail brochure side2