Seven people hiking across a mountaintop.
One of our 2012 hikes

The Society was incorporated as a non-profit group since 2011 and is in partnership with the Ministry of Forests, Lands & Resource Operations and Rural Development, Recreation Sites and Trails.

We manage and maintain nine local recreational trails.

Maintenance of the trails includes brushing, removal of fallen trees, repair and building of bridges and water-bars and improvement of signage and access roads.  New trails will be built as our group grows.

We encourage hiking our trails and other local trails in the region by organizing seasonal hiking, and paddling events.

We always need new volunteers to join our projects and on the behind the scenes planning teams.

Our History

The idea for a Nakusp and Area Community Trails Society began in the spring of 2011 when a small, enthusiastic group of locals met informally to discuss our area trails. Our focus was on continuing the excellent work & good spirit of those who had worked incredibly hard to create, improve & maintain some of the great trails in our area. We also wanted to encourage more use of our trails by our community, our neighbours and visitors to our area. We agreed to support & partner with all the existing trails user groups in the area: hiking, biking, ATV’s, etc.

Over the next few months,  we held a series of well-attended meetings, open to everyone in our community. We encouraged all the users of our local trails to come together to plan the future of our trails systems, to create new trails, to upgrade our current trails & most of all, to celebrate and enjoy our trails !

Attendees at our first Annual Planning Session in November 2011
Attendees at our first Annual Planning Session in November 2011

We’re happy to report that this initiative was successful and the result is an enthusiastic Nakusp and Area Community Trails Society!

Hats off to our founding members: Bill Barrow, Ken Aalten, Barry Rein, Caelen La Rocque, Gillian Redwood, Barb Chwachka, Elaine Lindsay, Frances Swan, Gwen Papov & Evelyn Hurry.

Our Mission

  • The Society is committed to the appreciation and preservation of the great outdoors and the promotion of community spirit and healthy lifestyles.
  • The Society will encourage and support the use of our local recreational trail system by the general public.
  • The Society will develop new trails and maintain existing trails.
  • Environmental, trail terrain and bordering private property owner considerations will determine design and use of all trails.  Trail terrain considerations will include: slope, moisture, safety and if trail bed surface can support specific uses.
  • Where appropriate, multiple uses of the trails will be supported. 
  • The Society will organize trail activities and provide nature interpretation information.
  • Cooperation with community groups and agencies, public education and environmentally sound practices will guide all our activities.

Accepted May 18, 2011

Revised & Accepted: November 7, 2015