Volunteer Forestry Worker Waiver

Volunteer Forestry Worker Waiver

    The Nakusp and Area Community Trail Society is not responsible for your health and safety. When you perform Forestry Worker level trail maintenance (including but not limited to Falling) as a Member Volunteer on Society Occupied Trails we expect you to do so safely in compliance with BC Forestry industry standards and best practices. The Society does not supervise you and is not qualified to do so.

    Our Liability and Death & Dismemberment Insurance provided by the Province under our BC Partnership Agreement with Recreation Sites and Trails BC should apply to your activities provided you are a registered member of the Society and are doing work on one of our assigned trails.

    We will offer you a small annual one-time fixed-amount Honorarium in recognition of your contribution to the Society as a Forestry Worker expert volunteer. This honorarium is unrelated to the actual trail maintenance work you do or its contractor equivalent value.

    My signature below acknowledges the work of a NACTS Forestry Worker Volunteer involves risks and that I freely choose to participate in this activity. I release the Nakusp & Area Community Trail Association, its contractors, volunteers, assignees and executors from all cost and claims for damage or injury, however so arising as a result of my participation, or emergency evacuation of my person, in this or any other activity organized by the club.

    The Nakusp & Area Community Trails Society 2023

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    NACTS Forestry Worker Waiver