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Connect With Nature and Your Community

If you love being active outdoors and making a difference in your community, get involved with us! Our trails offer people the chance to be active in the outdoors and challenge themselves in rewarding ways.

Whether you’d like to:

  • Become a member
  • Volunteer
  • Join our board
  • Create an activity / group hike 
  • Make a donation

…you can feel good that your valuable time and/or hard earned dollars are going towards a great cause.

Working with us means you have the opportunity to be actively involved in helping people lead a rewarding active outdoor lifestyle and maintaining our trail system so people can enjoy it for years to come.

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Become a Member!

For only $10 (single) or $15 (family) per year, you can be actively involved in maintaining and improving our trail system and making a difference in your local community. 

Your money goes a long way. We keep trail surfaces free of debris, remove invasive plants, clear fallen trees and branches, repair water damage, build and repair bridges and other structures, dig water bars, erect signage, build new trails, and more.

You get:

  • To be involved in community trails decision-making 
  • The satisfaction of knowing you’re contributing to making trails safe and enjoyable 
  • To be the first to know about planned activities, maintenance work bees and other community events
  • The chance to be outside, enjoy the fresh air and make new friends!
  • That oh–so–fuzzy feeling
Become a Member

Become a Volunteer!

There are a few ways you can help us out and reap the rewards. Become a member and we will get back to you with current opportunities and offers! Or email us at with your ideas and suggestions. We would love to hear from you!

Create an activity

Leading an activity or group hike can be a rewarding experience. You get to enjoy nature and our beautiful trails with others. Use our activity form  to choose which trail you’d like to lead a hike on, and when, and then organize the people interested in joining. People will join through a link for the activity once it has been reviewed and approved. We will not post or share your contact information without your permission. We will also help promote the activity on our website and Facebook page.”

Please see our hiking disclaimer.

Adopt a trail

Members have an opportunity to Adopt a Trail. Choose a trail you’d like to adopt and ask if it is available. Hike your trail as soon as possible in the spring and once more in August. Take note of any condition issues such as trees across the trail or water damage.  Report back to with the details, including photos.

Join our trail maintenance crew

Join our maintenance crew or create your own maintenance event using our activity form and guidelines (but please don’t do maintenance alone).

Become a project or team member

From time to time, we have special projects and will need your help! Examples: Fundraising events, helping out at our booth at the Farmers’ Market, signage development etc.

Join our board of directors

Serve on our board and be closely involved in planning and decision-making. We only meet three to four times per year. We do most of our discussion and decisions by email. Any help is appreciated and makes a difference to the Society and our community. Just click the button below to become a member and we will get to you with our current volunteer opportunities.

Your donation to our society means a lot to us. It helps us carry out the important work we do. 

You can make a general donation that will go towards the building and maintenance of our trail network, or you can donate to Vicky’s View Fund – in memory of founding member, Bill Barrow. A notice will be sent to Bill’s family of all donations.

Make a donation today:

You can pay by credit card or send an e-transfer to Add a note as to whether your donation is for the general trail network or for Vicky’s View Fund.

If you prefer, you may make cheques out to: 

Nakusp & Area Community Trails Society
170 Donnellys Road
Nakusp, BC V0G 1R1

We appreciate your support!

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