Trail Maintenenance Waiver

Trail Maintenenance Waiver Form

    My signature below acknowledges the work of a Trail Maintenance Crew involves risks and that I freely choose to participate in this activity. I release the Nakusp & Area Community Trail Association, its contractors, volunteers, assignees and executors from all cost and claims for damage or injury, however so arising as a result of my participation, or emergency evacuation of my person, in this or any other activity organized by the club.

    I affirm I am aware of the nature of the risks of Maintenance Crew Activity while using hand and power tools such as a bow saw, bushwhacker, chain saw etc.

    I agree that before using hand or power tools I will;

    • Read the Operating Manual for any power tools used,

    • Agree to practice the recommended Safety guidelines contained in the Manual. In the case of chainsaws, complete a chainsaw safety

    • Wear the recommended protective equipment and always work with a buddy

    • Practice the recommended safety guidelines in the NACTS Trail Maintenance Handbook

    • Follow instructions from an experienced NACTS Trail Coordinator

    I have no medical or other condition that might preclude my safe participation.

    By submitting this form to the terms & conditions above.

    The Nakusp & Area Community Trails Society 2023

    Or print the PDF if necessary
    NACTS Trail Maintenance Waiver