Hot Springs Trail Footbridge Sept 12 – 15

USFS bridge that is the model for ours.

Our Nakusp Hot Springs Footbridge replacement project is under way. Thanks to funding from the CBT and the donation of a cedar log by Stella Jones, we are getting ready to fly in the milled timber and build the bridge next week. This crossing will replace a rotting cedar crossing over last major creek nearest the Hot Springs. Brian W is our project lead who has already put in good time and effort helping Bud A mill the cedar. Use the our Contact Us on this website to let Brian know you would like to join us for a little or a lot! Here is the plan so far:

  1. Today – Brian is prepping the timber and sourcing hardware. Jamie to advise.
  2. Thursday – Bob & Brian hike to site to estimate tree height to determine length of helicopter slinging line, survey footing dimensions and slopes, complete logistical planning for slinging operation
  3. Tuesday – stage timber and build loads using nets and straps. Complete slinging from CMHA upper helipad to crossing site. Lower timbers, generator and tools through trees to drop site as close to crossing as possible. Begin removal of existing rotted cedar rough cut bridge.
  4. Thursday & Friday (Sept 14 & 15) – complete site prep, hand carry timbers from drop site to crossing, build bridge! Hike out tools, generator and sling net at end of job.