Saddle Mountain Lookout Signage Caution

The lower lakeshore road from the Arrow Park Ferry to the Saddle Mountain FSR is now closed until mid-September. It can still be accessed from the north. If you do hike this trail in the next few weeks, please be aware that the signage is out-of-date and incomplete. The Trailhead sign pictured here is for the lower parking lot and the old, original trailhead that was used before the blown-down event a few years ago. This trail is still open and in good shape. However a new, upper parking lot and trailhead can be accessed by driving another 2.2 km further to the south and up, or to the left as you are looking at this sign. There are arrows pointing in this direction but no sign clearly indicating a second, upper parking lot. Regardless of the trailhead you start walking from (upper or lower), please take careful note of the trail intersection when you pass it. It too is marked with arrows but no other information. When coming down the trail make sure you return by the trail you left from…otherwise you will arrive at the wrong parking lot without a vehicle! We will be adding new signs as soon as they are ready! Sorry for any confusion!