Cedar Grove Trail

Cedar Grove Trail

Rating: Easy 
Distance: 1/2 km loop
Time: 1/2 hour 
Surface: Compact dirt 
Modes: Hiking

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Trail Description

Cedar Grove Trail is a gentle half kilometre loop through a stand of majestic old growth Western Red Cedar. Hikers of most abilities can access superb interior rainforest habitat, untarnished by natural or industrial disturbances. The trees in the grove, some with a diameter of over 2 metres, are hundreds of years old. They tower over 30 metres high, affording a canopy of dense green cedar bows, home to many species of birds and insects, as well as lichens, mosses and plants that feed larger mammals. The devil’s club, lady fern and cedar trees in the grove are typical of a moist interior forest site. This particular old growth habitat hosts the lichens and 

shrubs upon which southern mountain caribou feed during their late fall and early spring low elevation migration.


Be aware that this road may be closed in the spring as it passes a caribou maternity pen.  Check the Arrow Lakes Caribou Society website for current information. 

To access Cedar Grove Trail, drive north from Nakusp on Highway 23, toward Revelstoke. About 2 km from town, turn right onto Hot Springs Road, and follow the road for 10.8 kilometres. Turn left onto the Kuskanax Forest Service Road (GPS Point 1 on the map); drive for 4.2 km and look for the “Cedar Grove Trail 0.8 km” sign (GPS Point 2). Veer left at this sign and follow the road for 1 km; here the road branches onto a spur road. Go straight on the spur; don’t take the uphill turn. A yellow sign at this branch says “0.3 km to trail” (GPS Point 3). A few hundred metres along this branch there is a wide area to turn around and park a vehicle (GPS P?), and the trail head sign marks the beginning of the loop 100 metres further along (GPS Point 4).

Modes of Use

Cedar Grove Trail is a relatively flat trail of compact dirt. The walk around the loop is a nice, easy stroll for almost anyone. Although the trail isn’t accessible to wheelchairs, bikes or strollers, you could wheel up to the trailhead and enjoy the surroundings from there.


The Cedar Grove trail was built by the Ministry of Forests in this special forest reserve to maintain and share the habitat in its natural state.

Trail Condition Report as of February 24, 2024

The Cedar Grove Trail access along the Kuskanax FSR is closed until further notice to protect the caribou calving pen above the Nakusp Hot Springs and west of the CMH helipad. Please do not pass the locked gate since the pregnant caribou females in the pen are very sensitive to noice or other disruptions. The road will re-open later in spring when the calves are born and are relocated along with their mothers to their normal range.

If You Liked This Trail

If the Cedar Grove Trail appealed to you, try the Wrap Around Nakusp Trail, Box Lake Nature Trail or portions of the Nakusp to Summit Lake Rail Trail, which are also relatively short, easy hikes in this area.

Stay Safe Out There!

  • Familiarize yourself with Leave No Trace principles 
  • Check the weather forecast and trail conditions, and plan accordingly
  • Be prepared to be in areas without cell service
  • Stay on designated trails and share with others
  • Cyclists and ATVs yield to everyone and hikers yield to horses
  • Be prepared for hiking – have solid walking shoes/boots, water and nutritious food, first aid supplies, comfortable clothing (including layers) that’s appropriate for the weather
  • Prepare for the unexpected
  • Tell someone where you’re going and when you expect to return
  • Make noise (sing, talk, clap) to alert wildlife
  • Travel in pairs or groups and keep kids in sight at all times
  • Keep pets under control, keep them at home if not allowed on certain trails, and be aware they may pose a hazard with backcountry wildlife

Use this information at your own risk. Trail users assume all responsibility for personal injury or damage to equipment. 

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Project funding came from a 2003 Columbia Basin Trust Community Initiatives Grant. 

Many thanks to True North Forestry Consulting Ltd., Pope & Talbot Ltd., Slocan Forest Products and the Ministry of Forests for their various contributions to the project.

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