Wrap Around Nakusp Trail

Wrap Around Nakusp Trail

Rating: easy 
Distance: 5 km
Trip time: 1 hour
Surface: pavement, gravel, dirt
Modes of use: walk, bike, roll, push

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Trail Description

This four-season trail circles the picturesque village of Nakusp, providing a 5 kilometre circuit for strolling, dog walking, jogging, or biking, with portions also accessible to wheelchairs, rollerblades, and strollers.

The circuit includes the paved Waterfront walk, extending along the top of the soil erosion protector for 1 km from the Marina to the beach. The Walk is renowned for its handsome landscaping, including Spicer’s Garden (GPS Point 1 on the map) in the middle and the Japanese Garden (GPS Point 2) near the beach.

At the other end of the beach, the gravel Greenways extension begins (GPS Point 3). The groomed gravel path winds through the shade along the lakefront for 800 metres, providing benches for repose and nature watching and some hills for exercise.

A 500 metre gravel lane at the end of 4th St. NW (GPS Point 4) links the Greenways Extension to the Railway Trail that begins across Highway 23 (GPS Point 5). The Railway Trail is a reclaimed railway bed that stretches to Rosebery, 46 km to the south. About 300 metres past the junction with Government Road (GPS Point 6), a path branches off the railway trail to head back downtown (GPS Point 7). From
the corner of 1st Ave and 1st St., the path continues along streets back to the Marina.


Although there are many access points along the trail, the Nakusp Marina is a nice place to start your Waterfront Walk. Located at the bottom of Nelson Ave., the Marina has ample parking space and a covered picnic area with luscious arbour gardens.

Mode of Use

Waterfront Walk – hike, bike (with caution), wheelchairs, roller-blades, or any non-motorized modes of transportation.

Greenways Extension – hike, bike, strollers possible, but there’s one short, steep hill.

Railway Trail – hike, bike, small motorized vehicles and horses.

Pathway from Railway Trail to Marina – bikes and foot traffic only – somewhat steep with a loose, ungroomed surface.

Past & Future

When BC Hydro flooded the Arrow Lakes in the 1960’s, a cement soil protection barrier was constructed along the town’s waterfront.

Over the years, volunteer work, grant monies and the Village of Nakusp have developed the Waterfront Walk to its present beautiful state, with its commemorative benches, trees and ample gardens. The Greenways Extension was added in the late 1990’s with the help of federal government grants and local workers.

The Village of Nakusp has plans to further upgrade the trail around town, so it will only get better!

Trail & Access Condition as of February 24, 2024

The Wrap-Around-Nakusp Trail is open and accessible from various points along the route. The trail may be wet, snowy, or slippery depending on prevailing weather conditions. It is walkable all winter but boot chains or grips are recommended for the more remote sections.

If You Liked This Trail

If the Wrap Around Nakusp trail appealed to you, try Cedar
Grove Loop, Box Lake Loop or portions of Rosebery Railway Trail, which are also relatively short, easy hikes in this area.

Stay Safe Out There!

  • Familiarize yourself with Leave No Trace principles 
  • Check the weather forecast and trail conditions, and plan accordingly
  • Be prepared to be in areas without cell service
  • Stay on designated trails and share with others
  • Cyclists and ATVs yield to everyone and hikers yield to horses
  • Be prepared for hiking – have solid walking shoes/boots, water and nutritious food, first aid supplies, comfortable clothing (including layers) that’s appropriate for the weather
  • Prepare for the unexpected
  • Tell someone where you’re going and when you expect to return
  • Make noise (sing, talk, clap) to alert wildlife
  • Travel in pairs or groups and keep kids in sight at all times
  • Keep pets under control, keep them at home if not allowed on certain trails, and be aware they may pose a hazard with backcountry wildlife

Use this information at your own risk. Trail users assume all responsibility for personal injury or damage to equipment. 

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The Trails of Nakusp brochure series was originally produced for the Nakusp & District Chamber of Commerce, by Hailstorm Ridge Environmental Services & Kootenay Virtual Tours, who jointly retain copyright.

Project funding came from a 2003 Columbia Basin Trust Community Initiatives Grant. 

Many thanks to True North Forestry Consulting Ltd., Pope & Talbot Ltd., Slocan Forest Products and the Ministry of Forests for their various contributions to the project.

Nakusp & District Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Centre, 92 – 6th Ave NW

Box 387, Nakusp, BC V0G 1R0 


2023 Updates provided by the Nakusp and Area Community Trails Society